Rebrand for a Software Testing Giant

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Testronic are one of the leading companies in the QA sector specifically for the gaming industry, but also for the entertainment sector. Form Advertising were called in and asked to pitch for what was in effect a complete rebrand. The previous brand had no clear identity, was tired and didn’t suggest that they were a vibrant and exciting QA company within the gaming and entertainment industries.

Having grown up in the gaming world Form Advertising had a clear idea of what direction the brand needed to be heading toward and went on to present Testronic with a series of new brand designs and associated advertising campaigns. The tone of the new brand style was less sterile, introducing an element of fun into the campaigns which helped represent the companies ethos and more so the clients they worked with.

Form Advertising won the pitch and during the next month worked on developing the brand style and creating a logo type that reflected the company and their position as a QA specialist. The logo was made from a series of approval ticks, broken down to represent each of the divisions of Testronic’s services. Thereafter Form Advertising developed a series of advertising campaigns which were used in UK, European and US online and offline campaigns to compliment the rebrand.

Project overview

– New logo type
– New messaging
– Brand guidelines
– Online / Offline advertising campaign
– Email campaigns
– Exhibition artwork
– Brochures

brand guide testronic1, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creationbrand guide testronic2, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creationtestronic brand stationery, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creation, business cardsTestronic_ad2, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creation Testronic_ad, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creation  Testronic VR campaign, rebrand, Form Advertising, Testronic, brand creation

The results of the company rebrand:

Testronic has continued to grow and Form Advertising are currently actively working with them in a new area of their business for the Virtual Reality market, a new addition to the services they offer.

Dominic Wheatley
CEO at Catalis/Testronics
“We gave Form Advertising a competitive brief to completely rebrand Testronic. As soon as I saw the pitch, I knew they were the right guys for us. They then went on to design and create a totally new look and feel right across all our marketing materials and website that has absolutely put us on the map in the video games world.”

Online Banner Advertising

Form Advertising have increased the outreach of the new Testronics Brand by producing a series of HTML 5 banner adverts which have been displayed on industry focused websites. The impact of these banners has helped increase the Testronic market share within the games testing arena significantly.



A little more about Testronic

When it comes to QA and Testing for your games, content or hardware, you need simple solutions that work. Testronic have over 15 years of experience partnering with industries from entertainment, media and games to publishing, e-commerce and consumer electronics. They give you Quality Assurance, Localization, Compliance and Certification services that get it right the first time. Every time.

Testronic work with game publishers, major studios, software developers and some of the biggest broadcasters in the world. From making sure your games function flawlessly or are localized to fit every market to making sure your hardware is 100% bug-free before it hits the shelves, they’ve got you covered.

In addition, software developers, publishers, and consumer electronics manufacturers keep coming back to Testronic for a steadfast source of Quality Assurance, Certification, and Testing.

With facilities in the US, the UK, Belgium, and Poland Testronic are able to leverage their cross-media experience and the scale of their global operation to offer you dependable quality, efficiency, value, and security.

Testronic have been dealing with your home entertainment since VHS, so they know that delivering a first rate consumer experience is key to keeping your business successful and your customers coming back for more. It matters to you, and that matters to them. It’s why since 1998, they’ve never compromised their high standards.