The Scenario

BISAM is the leading provider of integrated, multi-asset portfolio analytics, including performance and attribution, market risk analysis, portfolio construction and GIPS composites management. Many of the world’s largest buy-side firms use BISAM to evaluate and enhance their investment strategies and better service their clients, while maintaining high levels of security, transparency, process control and operational scale.

As part of their growth strategy, BISAM wished to increase awareness of their newest product offerings within the financial sector. Having already established a reputation for risk assessment they were keen to show that their combined offering with performance measurement tools could bring substantial benefits to clients over their competitors.


Our phased approach

The core BISAM brand although new, was lacking certain amount of distinctiveness in the marketplace. After consultation with the BISAM management teams it was decided to create a new brand style around the existing identity. This was to be the base of a multi-stage strategy which involved enhanced press presence, new corporate website and online banner advertising. The aim was to create a memorable corporate brand which was applied with synergy throughout, thus promoting easier identification and awareness.


Stage 1: Revise & implement the BISAM brand across digital and print media

The Form studio developed a new set of assets and new styles of applications. We created a new advertising campaign based around Risk & Performance which acted as the core message for BISAMs product drive. From this, the campaign theme was translated across digital advertising, the website home page and landing pages as well as video presentations, powerpoint and Factsheets. Consistent messaging with recognisable imagery provided the baseline from which to grow engagement and sales.


Stage 2: Use the new website as a platform for promoting products through video

We designed and built the new WordPress driven website so as to provide an engaging platform for the new products that BISAM were launching.  Our team built a custom coded Content Managed Interface for easy back-end management and to enable on-the-fly promotion swaps. The re-structured website provided an enhanced user experience with easy to navigate UI. Our aim was to ensure that clients would be quickly funnelled to the important product pages, where we created informative video walk-throughs to explain the multiple benefits of the complex technology.


Stage 3: Engage the audience quickly through informative and targeted blogs with easy to follow infographics

The website was an essential stepping stone in providing the basis of our engagement strategy. It  gave the marketing team a powerful blog and searchable archive with integrated data capture functionality driven via HubSpot. Rich in SEO content and with intriguing Blogs, the site automatically fired new posts via LinkedIn and Twitter. We realised that to successfully engage audiences we needed to get our message across quickly and capture the eye. It was evident that the majority of the target audience tended to have a very limited window in which they looked at social media posts. This tended to be during commuting and lunch times. To ensure that we capitalised fully on this, Form took the blog content and simplified it into engaging infographics.



The Outcome

“We have more than doubled our brand impressions and blog views in the past 6 months thanks to their visuals.”

The results that our staged strategy produced exceeded client expectation and were a fundamental part of the ensuing buyout that occured. The increased visibility of the BISAM products combined with an overall increase in how people perceived the firm lead to a visible appetite for information from them.

Blog subscribers rose by 200% in one year, with over a 60% increase in blog views via Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media subscribers also increased by 25% and engagement via automated emails lead to a 10% increase in open rates.


Form believe that there is a very simple process to driving growth and engagement levels. By using forward thinking creative and harnessing the latest technologies we aim to provide results for any client that we work with.

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