Credit Benchmark Revised Brand

Credit Benchmark Enhanced Brand Identity

Tweaked Logo

In order to progress the brand identity of CreditBenchmark we have made some slight tweaks to the brand logo in order to create a synergy between the logo and the proposed brand style. We have introduced new typography to accompany the brand typeface and have also created a new colour palette to enhance the brand.

Revised Colour Palette


Akkurat is a strong Sans Serif Typeface which provides a modern yet corporate feel to the Credit Benchmark identity. It will produce a synergy between the brand marque and collateral. When used in online application we will be using sans serif alternative – Roboto which is a free Google font resource.



Brands Assets


We have created a strong set of brand assets which have been based around the idea of a Benchmark pointer. All assets are designed to work either individually or combined and allow for flexibility and scope whilst maintaining identifiable and unique characteristics.



The elements are a key element to building the brand. They have been designed to be adaptable so as to reflect how Benchmarking works in essence. We use the elements to hold pictures, pull quotes and for page enhancements. The application of which can be seen below:



Brand Application


When all of the individual constituents of the brand are pulled together we produce a flexible, strong and unique footprint on which Credit Benchmark can convey their messaging. Adaptable in it’s format the brand is non-restrictive yet instantly identifiable.

Collateral Application



Web Banners