Winson Capital Rebrand

A Modern Brand Identity for a Technological Advanced Capital Investment Firm in Asia

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Name Creation and Brand Identity

Form were employed to formulate a new company name and produce a brand identity that would attract a new demographic of client. Whilst important to maintain a correlation to the old company name and brand, our creatives were instructed to create a far more modern interpretation of the brand, one which reflected the technological advancement of the company.

The story of Winson Capital mirrors that of Hong Kong. Established in 1966, Oscar Winson, as it was originally known, started as an insurance firm catering to business on the island. As Hong Kong excelled during the 1970s, the company expanded into asset and wealth management. By 1992 Winson Capital had evolved into a multinational wealth management and financial advisory firm operating throughout Asia. Today they are proud to be one of the most technologically advanced wealth management firms in the region, supporting clients all over the world.

Initial Naming and Brand Ideas

We felt it essential to keep the new company name both memorable and directly tied to the services that they provide. It was paramount to ensure that easy to use URLs were associated to the new name. Several avenues were explored and presented to the client before the final brand name of Winson Capital was chosen. We then provided Asia specific and global URL options for the new company name.


View the presentation: WinsonCapital Brand Presentation

The Leaf for Growth

After reviewing the initial brand concepts, the management of Oscar Winson wanted to follow the idea of representing the brand through the use of a capitalised initial in conjunction with a stylised leaf design to create a negative space within the initial. Our studio took this direction and presented a variety of options. It was from these options that the brand was eventually tweaked and defined.



Final Identity Design

The original brand identity employed by Oscar Winson played on the use of an oak tree to represent financial growth. The new brand identity for Winson Capital stripped back this concept, simplified it and modernised it. After exploring several styles of leaf in the previous stage of the brand design, the board decided that the initial identity that we presented was the one which worked best for them. To make the brand as distinct as we could we chose a highly contrasting colour scheme. This provided a strong visual impact whilst keeping the brand linked to finance and organic growth. As we expanded the boundary of the brand, we introduced modern imagery to tell the story and employed subtle brand containers and styling to create a modern, impactful identity.



Client Thoughts

We approached Form as we required a new brand identity for the launch of our company, including logo, name, website and online and offline materials. Although we wanted our brand to be fresh and modern, we still hoped to reflect our companies history. Form’s creativity and proposed ideas captured everything we needed and more. Their experienced background and knowledge of the financial sector was a key factor in helping us to achieve our desired brand. Working with a team who already have that experience made the process run smoothly allowing us to hit our proposed deadlines. As well as delivering impressive design work, their communication made sure we were kept involved at every step and all our requirements were met. We look forward to working with Form on future projects and highly reccomend them.

David Reed, Director, Winson Capital

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