Brand Identity Creation for a Italian Craft Beer Brewery

Brand Creation

With any project Form Advertising undertake they go through a process of researching the sector and market competitors to get a full understanding of what is required when defining the new brand identity. However, when venturing into what other companies had done in the Craft Beer world, to say it turned up an eclectic mix of designs is probably not doing it justice –  it seems anything goes in the Craft Beer world.

The Brew Factory is based in Milano Italy. The main challenge was coming up with a brand style that would work globally as well as giving it that Shoreditch hipster feel. Form Advertising set about sketching up icons that could work to accompany the logo type. Fonts were key in the construction of this brand identity, the chosen one needed to be modern, clean but with a rustic home grown feel. After much researching we selected a font which we felt would brand well for a craft beer. It also makes a bold presence on the bottle which any early brand needs to really make an impression.


The process to sign off for this new brand was remarkably smooth and the product will be coming to market in Q3 this year, 2016. Form Advertising also presented the client with the possibility of what could be done with the brand identity through a series of proposed advertising campaigns.

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A little more about Brew Factory

Brew Factory are a Milan based craft beer brewery founded in 2011. Their countryside location makes the perfect back drop to their family run business. Their range of home brewed beers will be launching toward the end of 2016 with the aim to become available worldwide. The Craft Beer world is growing more and more each year and Brew Factory are certain to become a firm favourite.