A  fresh brand identity to herald a new direction

Catalis Group Brand Creation | Corporate Design | Website Design | Website Code

Brand Creation

The Catalis Group is an international holding company in the gaming development and quality assurance sectors. It comprises of three companies; Testronics, Curve Global & Kuju. Due to the restructuring of the business we were tasked to come up with a new brand style which included a new logo, website and associated collateral. The client had requested a direction where the design would be clean, minimal and with a simple colour palette.

Initial Design Ideas

We provided the Catalis board a comprehensive suite of potential brand designs which met the initial brief. By presenting a variety of brand styles we would then be able to further hone our designs and pinpoint a direction which best served the groups intention.

Brand Identity Designs

Initial brand Marks were devised to convey the digital association of the company and to create an easily associated identity.

Once the marks were designed we implemented a variety of layouts which utilised fonts to provide the clean, modern feel that the client required.


Final Identity Design

After our initial identity designs were submitted to the client, we sat down with the board of directors to identify the elements which they felt conveyed the correct tone and image for the brand. Colour palettes were identified and discussed and revised artworks supplied which combined the elements. We then provided our thoughts on how we could shape the new designs into a cohesive and comprehensive brand identity that would provide a unique identity for the group.


Brand Application