A Fresh New FX Brand for Central FX Takes Flight

Form have been behind the Central FX brand for many years. We created the original branding of both Central Markets and Central FX when they were both fledgling companies. In the years that have passed, both companies grew substantially and the trading arm ‘Central Markets’ was subject to a buy out. With a refreshed focus on the Foreign Currency Exchange markets – the directors once again approached us to reboot the remaining CFX brand with a stand-out creative campaign and brand style.

Refreshed Central FX Brand Logo

We decided not to go full bore and create a brand new identity due to the fact that this is already an established brand in the market. Instead we made subtle changes to the logo to give it a more modern edge and to enable us to bring additional elements into the brand.

New CFX Identity


Telling FX Brand Story with Images

The new brand was created to focus on key elements of the company. We decided to represent this with the use of highly stylised bird photography which directly related to the area of focus i.e the owl for example represents Knowledge, the eagle security, the hawk  speed. Each of the photographs were overlaid with circular elements that we created from the logo. The circles tie the brand together and focus the eye.

CFX Bird Imagery



Hedgemaster allows financial directors to manage their currency risk in one place, using data driven analysis and continual monitoring to ensure nothing is left to chance. This new product from CFX also required an identity. We created the logo with a direct correlation to the CFX brand, but with a FinTech edge. Thicker fonts complimented the striped down brand mark circles. We also created bespoke photography for the hedgemaster  brand. A hawk perching on the handlers glove plays homage to the control that Hedgemaster offers.




The Brand In Action

The CFX brand has been crafted to deliver consistency in application and to create immediate recognition. Typefaces were updated across all collateral including the new website, and the photography at the core of the brand introduced with a clean, modern  application.


If you’re thinking about having a rebrand, or just a refresh to revitalise your companies brand identity.  Give us a call or drop us a line