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A Brand Identity for a new US Based Sustainable Living App Startup – Footprint

 Brand Identity 

Brand Identity Creation

It’s not always about marketing for the financial sector for us at Form.
We were recently requested to create a brand identity for a new sustainable living app. Based in the US, the background idea of the app is to promote and aid Americans in forming longterm sustainable living habits using simple step by step daily activities. It allows the user to view their progress and the positive impact it is having on the environment as well as their wallets.

Initial Brand Ideas

Our aim was to keep the brand very organic and fresh but to also give it strength. After researching the sustainable lifestyle sector and the product’s key audience, we put together a number of potential brand designs for the client to consider.

The Ripple Effect

A recurring style that the client felt resonated with them the most was the use of the ripple. The ripple effect helps to solidify the messaging, emphasising the literal ripple effect that a more sustainable lifestyle can create. Along with the ripple, we also put forward the idea of a tear drop style marker asset to be used across other brand collateral. The marker reflects both the image of water and natural elements tied in with the ripple effect, but also the more modern idea of location.


Final Brand Identity Design

After taking onboard the client’s feedback and adjusting the initial design ideas, the chosen logo and colour scheme was compiled. The use of blue and green throughout allow the organic, environmental basis of the company to be the main focus but are colours that are strong enough to present the app as a serious, professional product.


Client Thoughts


Brand Application