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Brand Campaign | Website Design | Digital Advertising / Collateral Design

The portfolio analytics solution company BISAM wished to increase their engagement levels across their website and digital media channels. Form were commissioned to create an advertising campaign based on the Performance vs Risk aspect of their digital solutions for clients while still incorporating the BISAM brand.

Working closely with the client to define the direction of the campaign, the first of a series of performance related advertising campaigns were produced. We based the campaign theme around the world of motor sports, where performance and risk are paramount to achieving success. Think about it: there is the technical crew who are analyzing risks – everything from engine power, tyre pressure and track conditions – and determining the impact of those risks on the driver’s performance. All of that information is then fed back to the driver and pit crew so that they can make adjustments at every turn.

The advertising campaign was complimented by the creation of online advertising banners and a promotional video used for viral purposes.

We continue to work alongside BISAM in developing the current website and progressing marketing campaigns with the True North Social team. We are also integrating marketing material from the newly acquired FinAnalytica company into the current BISAM brand style.

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A little more about BISAM

BISAM is the leading provider of sophisticated digital solutions for performance, attribution, market risk, portfolio construction, GIPS composites management and reporting. Many of the world’s largest asset managers use BISAM’s best-in-class portfolio analytics platforms to evaluate and enhance their investment strategies and better service their clients, while maintaining high levels of security, transparency, process control and operational scale.

Mission and Values

Trust and reliability are key to building a long-term partnership – BISAM is committed to working alongside their clients to help them meet their specific analytics and operations requirements – from implementation to training and joint innovation. They remain hands-on throughout the life-cycle of their clients experience with their solutions, offering complete transparency and ensuring they remain informed, empowered and confident. Clients can rely on BISAM to be their trusted partner.

The satisfaction of their clients is the driving force of BISAM. As the clients provider, they will partner with their team to understand their business objectives and to help define their requirements. Collaboration with their customers is at the core of their business, and with clients we work as a team, combining expertise, professionalism and adaptability to ensure successful and timely implementation of scalable, cost-effective investment performance platforms – no matter how complex or simple the solution.

As the industry continues to evolve, BISAM’s expert leadership team and R&D specialists remain at the helm of innovation. They know where the industry is going and they are leveraging that insight in everything they do to ensure their clients are empowered with the most sophisticated and transformative product solutions.