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Who are we?

I never thought after 25 years of being a business owner that I would ask the question, “what type of business do we own?”

The question arose when we were reviewing the SEO on our website, refining our content to match up with suggested keywords and phrases searched for on Google at a regional level. What we found actually raised more questions than answers.

People Searched for:

  • Kent design agency
  • Kent graphic designers
  • Kent web designers
  • Kent creative agency
  • Kent advertising agency
  • Design studio Kent
  • Brand agencies in Kent
  • Design agency
  • Marketing agency in Kent
  • Digital agency

And then you have the other variables people use when searching these phrases, ‘near me’, ‘in Kent, ‘in London’ etc. This makes for a broad search return when trying to define who you are and to maximise the chances of being found on Google.

In addition, a lot of our search terms such as Design Agency (which has the highest search volume) are shared by companies across a diverse range of sectors. This adds another layer to take into account.

For other industries things are a lot simpler when describing themselves. If you’re searching for a local plumber or steel fabrication company you’re going to search for just that. A plumber will always be a plumber at the end of the day.

Where the issue lies is that there is no right or wrong (within reason) as to how you are described as a company by your clients or customers. In theory you’d hope that through your own marketing and positioning it would be clear how people view you, but sometimes it’s not that simple. People tend to use phrases and search terms that they deem to be correct for what they are looking for. Often these are broad, sweeping or even out dated terminology.

By using good SEO software you can make the necessary changes to improve your ranking. Based on the information it provides you it allows you to create a strategy and refine your website content.

We’ve utilised bespoke SEO agencies in the past as we felt leaving it to specialists would be the best option. However there is no quick fix with SEO and results cannot be seen overnight. This normally means you’re into a 3 – 6 month retainer before you can review whether there’s a noticeable improvement. By then you’ve normally incurred a large bill.

We’re not saying bespoke SEO companies are bad by any means, but in an industry such as ours which has a very diluted way of descriptively pinpointing a business, we found using software such as has allowed us to create our own SEO strategies, monitor results and see notable improvements with our ranking.

For me I’ll always know Form Advertising as a creative agency based in Kent, but I know Google will tell me otherwise. It’ll be good to hear how you would describe an agency such as ours or one that you currently use. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.