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New Website build for Livingstone Technologies

Livingstone Technologies are specialists in the field of Software Asset Management. They needed a responsive website that would deliver an intuitive user journey and provide information on this complicated service in an easily digestible format. Clear calls to action were to be a high priority to drive clients through Hubspot data collection.

The Process

The studio at Form evolved the existing Livingstone brand and created a modern dynamic look to the site with the plan of rolling the brand on to offline collateral on completion. The core of the Livingstone SAM service is to collate all individual licenses into one central managed core. We translated this key feature into the brand itself by creating a video to lead the website homepage and visually reinforce the purpose of SAM in one glance.


 Integration of Key Features

Form ensured that the site was built around a bespoke and intuitive Content Management System integrated around the WordPress core. Loading waits were reduced and scripts optimised to provide a fast and efficient site that met the needs of todays users and ensured that the increased percentage of mobile users enjoyed the same level of experience at lower bandwidths. Highly optimised for SEO, the new website carries comprehensive News & Media delivery and the provisions to drive events and bookings.  The studio at Form ensured that communication with the client was upheld throughout the initial site design and planning, thus ensuring that important information was delivered in the correct context and with maximum effect.

Responsive Optimisation

Once the desktop website had been approved by the client and run through Bug Testing, we ensured that the site was fully optimised for mobile application and tablet technologies. Form Advertising have a strict policy of designing with mobile responsiveness in mind to keep the synergy between mobile and desktop as close as possible.



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