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Brochure Design for the Trading Arm of Digital Giant msn.

MSN Trader commissioned Form Advertising to produce a marketing brochure as well as exhibition panels and online advertising. Furthermore, they are a sub division of msn money and a white label partner of our Saxo Bank client. The msn trading platform allows multiple instrument trading within the financial markets.

The joint initiative expands across Europe. MSN Trader intends to capitalise on investors’ increasing desire to take control of their finances in the wake of the global credit crisis, according to the Financial Times. It enables individual investors to trade on 23 exchanges around the world from 10 November.

MSN Trader includes research and comparison tools previously available only to professional investors. These include in-depth research tools with features such as the ability to compare investment opportunities in a company with its peers in the same sector. It appears on Microsoft’s MSN Money website and uses Saxo’s existing WebTrader system.

We developed a new style direction by utilising the existing msn logo and creating a house look with new imagery, defining icon usage and clean text layout.

MSN-Brochure-design1-mock pop_upsMSN-Brochure-design1-mock

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