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BISAM Visual Communication – Making Performance and Risk Analytics Clearer

Performance and risk portfolio analytics BISAM got in touch with us at Form with the request to take their complex messaging and transform it into a serious of direct, at a glance infographics that incorporate their bold brand style.

“The visuals that Form have created have lead to a 200% increase in customer engagement and blog impressions over a 6 month period.”

Why Infographics?

Infographics are a great way to present at lot of data quickly and clearly, especially if it is about a complex product or set of results. They also enhance the users ability to see patterns or threads within the data without having to scan through a large amount of text. Infographics are highly visual and easy to share across many social platforms making them a brilliant form of content marketing.

Threadneedle Infographic_top

The infographic process

When creating an infographic the key facts and figures are the main focus. We read through the given data with the client in order to highlight which information is the most vital and the positioning that it should have within the graphic. We want to take the reader on a sequenced journey, one which makes the data easily digestible and which enables us to feed this data in bite sized pieces, thus making the final conclusion easily understandable. Once we have composed the flow of the journey, we can then look at the best way of presenting this data within the client’s brand style.

Infographic Scalability_bottom

Time is of the essence

When companies wish to present in-depth or complex studies or white papers, there is the age old problem of readers having to find the time to trawl through lengthy, text heavy papers. People simply don’t have the time to do so, in-fact the highest levels of interaction are normally within time constrained breaks or during commutes. Visual engagement is paramount to making something look worth while reading in the short time that a reader scans content, especially when used within an email shot. The use of a brief visual synopsis i.e an Infographic, has been proven to drive increased engagement and drive calls to action.

The impact

The BISAM infographics allowed us to combine their strong brand style with our custom made icons, graphs and graphics, creating informative and professional infographics to be shared throughout their social profiles. Since implementing our infographics into their content marketing, BISAM’s social interaction has risen 200% across all platforms. The simplified infographics have been utilised to spearhead complex client case studies and survey results. They serve to give a quick at-a-glance overview which captures the readers imagination and drives them to look deeper into the content.

BISAM’s brand identity has gone from strength to strength with Form’s help, as highlighted by Global Head of Marketing & Communication, Bénédicte Godet, and Global Head of Commercial Strategy, Erika Schwartz Alter,

“Form Advertising’s team is very reactive and their ability to turn complex topics into simple design is impressive. We have more than doubled our brand impressions and blog views in the past 6 months thanks to their visuals. They have also easily taken our brand identity and made it stronger, more modern and consistent throughout all our collaterals.”

Bénédicte Godet, Global Head of Marketing & Communication

“I’ve worked with Ben Bonello and David Birch of Form Advertising for the last nine years across multiple Financial Technology companies and projects. I can consistently rely on Form to see beyond the black and white of my creative briefs  and deliver unique creative concepts that bring my concepts to life. Form does this every time whether for brand ID, content visualization, integrated marketing campaigns, advertising concepts or a slew of bespoke creative assets. Their interpretation and execution always produces a set of interesting choices that exceed my expectations.”

Erika Schwartz Alter, Global Head of Commercial Strategy



If you wish to discuss the use of infographics to enhance your blogs or reports then please contact us to see how we can help.