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Graphic Designers in Kent

Graphic Designers and Designers in Kent
Kent is a hotbed of creative talent

Kent has become a hotbed of design talent, with many creative directors and art workers moving away from the larger London based agencies to start there own Advertising and Design Studios nearer to home.  This may be attributed to the higher travel costs and indeed to the longer hours that creative studios demand, which when coupled with the fact that in general more and more people are moving away from central london due to falling house prices – the commute time becomes critical to life style.

The plus side for corporates and SME’s is that they have a selection of highly skilled advertising and graphic design professionals with exceptional portfolios and a wealth of experience, offering advertising and branding at rates that are much cheaper than the London based agencies from where they came.

Form Advertising are one of the leading lights in the creative studios in Kent.  Specialising in Branding, Corporate identity and logos, advertising campaigns and website design – The Creative Directors at Form Advertising moved from their studios in London to re-locate in a spacious contemporary barn in Longfield, Kent.  Their wealth of design experience has led them to provide graphic design and advertising for multiple global corporates  and banks. Whilst keeping the same high standards of creativity, Form Advertising are able to offer complete branding solutions for companies of all sizes and at rates that are a breath of fresh air in the current financial climate.