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Giving You the Right Campaign Image

At Form Advertising visualization is key when creating a campaign. We ensure the campaign image used to support the messaging is both memorable and lasting.

Let’s be honest, today’s financial advertising campaigns tend to blur into one another and can be hard to distinguish. There’s the traditional photoshoot campaign image of the perfect family for the consumer saving side, umbrellas being used to highlight the risk/protection aspect of the company, a firm handshake to solidify trust and the list goes on.

When choosing suitable imagery the choice available can be heavily reliant on the budget available for each campaign. Of course we’d like to co-ordinate bespoke photoshoots for all of our clients, but we know that not every client has the budget to do this. Luckily, stock imagery is a fast expanding market. It’s grown not just in quantity, but in quality and scope. Spending hours hunting down the perfect image amongst a wash of stock filler imagery is now a thing of the past. We’re now able to present a range of image choices to our clients that accurately convey the messaging we and they envisage.