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Minitab Day to Day Creative Services Partnership

Although we get opportunities to rebrand companies, create powerful campaigns and large scale websites, many marketing teams take us onboard to assist with the smaller needs. Day to day marketing requirements and design help is just as important as the larger scale jobs.

International software company, Minitab have several offices across the world that we help to assist on campaigns, event work and websites. We also provide support for smaller scale jobs; advert resizing, division brochures and presentations, email signature graphics, flyer artwork. All these smaller things together help to really solidify the company’s brand and messaging. So when Minitab approached us with the request to take on some of this work on an ongoing basis we were more than happy to assist.

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Consistency is key

As with all projects in which we inherit a brand, it’s crucial to have an understanding of the companies brand guidelines. Having these in place allows the fonts, colours and stylings to be applied correctly and effectively every time. It’s not rare to come across companies lacking brand guidelines, or with existing designers who have strayed from the original styling. Company branding can tend to weaken when guidelines aren’t followed leading to inconsistent messaging and an unprofessional appearance. Luckily for us, Minitab’s guidelines were complete and allows us to present and style their work correctly and easily.

Alongside working on Minitab projects we helped to rebrand their newly acquired data mining company, Salford Systems. It was essential to bring the brand in line with the current Minitab identity. Working with the team, we helped to develop and update Salford System’s brand identity to sit seamlessly alongside Minitab’s. By keeping all areas of the company uniform we’re able to strengthen the brands recognition.

Day to day details for an international brand

With the Minitab brand style now in situ across all sectors we continue to help them on a daily basis. Key team members in their national and international offices contact us with requests for translated versions of artworks, refreshed brochures and presentations, impactful exhibition handouts and stands. All these requests create more engaging material that maintain interest, ease of use and a positive lasting impression on their customers.

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It’s not just offline marketing that we assist with. One of the requests we have previously had from Minitab was to help implement a new campaign across their website. By creating new icons and graphics we added flow and impact across all pages. Websites are the first point of call for potential customers which is why it’s imperative that the branding throughout is on point.

As well as their own website branding we regularly create banners and advertisements for their social media pages. Creating engaging call to actions on header banners or gif adverts helps the brand become instantly recognisable to potential customers. These advertisements are then translated for use across multiple international industry websites expanding their reach worldwide.

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A trusting and understanding relationship with clients is key

Strong communication means we can complete any requests efficiently, making sure the client always presents up to date material to their customer. Our bespoke and cost effective solutions ensure deadlines are met, engagements are realised and budgets aren’t broken.


Get in touch to see how we can integrate into your workflow and offer your internal marketing teams a boost with those day to day marketing requirements.