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Innovative eBook design to showcase financial market data and trading solutions

Form create an innovative approach for promoting services to financial professionals in a historically crowded market place

Infront is a leading market data and trading solutions provider for finance professionals. It provides a unique combination of real-time global market data, news, analytics and trading tools. With proven solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts.

The Infront terminal has become the most intuitive and flexible financial data terminal available, helping institutions to reduce costs, adapt to fast changing market requirements and to be able to work more effectively with the increasing amount of information available.

Infront needed a new approach to promoting their services which would be in keeping with the boundary breaking technologies that they deliver and which would stand out from the crowd.  Form’s solution was to design an eye catching promotional brochure in a flexible format – allowing for both print and responsive HTML 5 variants without re-design. The additional formatting of the brochure allowed us to incorporate multimedia clips and interactivity for a richer user experience and promote direct calls to action.

Infront ebook mobil

The advantage of producing the brochure in this flexible format was three fold:

  1. Firstly we were able to drive increased SEO presence and give the user an experience which kept them engaged with the product over a longer period. Easily digestible and with direct calls to action for sales enquiries and also providing an optimised experience however the user wished to view the information.
  2. Social sharing capability to greatly increase organic growth.
  3. The ability to download the ebook in PDF format for later printing or for distribution. As the brochure was designed in a printable format, we also enabled the capability of using the collateral at trade shows and conferences without the need to go through an additional design process. It also means that changes and updates to the content can be made across formats simultaneously and with ease.

Infront ebook

Form’s innovative solution has been extremely successful as head of marketing Diana Myrstad quotes:

The reactions on the e-brochure has been exclusively positive. Starting off with a very rough and limited draft this has ended up becoming a product we’re proud to present. Thanks to the great team at Form Advertising and their ability to deliver on quality, time and budget. They’ve delivered an extraordinary service. I can always trust that they will be able to deliver great work. They receive my highest recommendation, without reservation.

You can view the interactive book here:

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