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Compliant Design Saves You Blushes and Money

Experience matters when it comes to providing compliant design and creative services to specialist financial firms.

When creating brands and campaigns for financial clients a new set of rules apply. As well as going through the basics of understanding the brand, the product, the audience, and tone of campaign, we also take into account the it needs compliant design to match the potential regulatory guidelines which have to be adhered to.

Form Advertising have been a leading financial design studio within the UK for over 10 years. Our founders have a long history of providing creative services to some of the worlds’ largest financial institutions prior to founding the agency. This experience keeps us aware of all regulatory guidelines, old and new.

Creative agencies sometimes frown upon regulatory bodies such as the FCA and SEC as they find the strict code of conduct can be restrictive from both an aesthetic and creative viewpoint. They get frustrated in having a great piece of work altered and twisted to meet the regulations. This in turn adds to the clients bill for extra hours charged. At Form Advertising we approach things a little differently. Our experience allows us to design and create effective campaigns keeping these regulations in mind from the offset, we even help those who get their income from being able to play here casino games. As a result our work is on point right from the start. Our clients have peace of mind knowing their campaigns aren’t going to be compromised in any way. They also have confidence knowing that there won’t be any unwanted warnings arriving from a regulatory body.