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Brochure Layout

Good brochure layout captivates the reader


A good brochure must be clear and attractive to the intended audience. Think of the brochures that you or your friend kept from an event you went to, or a place you wanted to go. You may not have identified exactly what design aspect made it unique, but these brochures definitely captured the essence of the event or the company. The ability to embody the spirit of the client and the idenity of the company in a mere paper brochure is what makes it memorable, and is proof of a good design.

A brochure must carry across the brand values of the company and correlate closely to the web and media presence. It is a within the brochure that the core brand elements are most apparent.  Typography, tone of voice, imagery and colour all conjoin to deliver the required message and positioning. However, great brochure designs take these elements one stage further, by ensuring a clean and decisive layout and introducing an element of style through clever usage of paper and finishing such as die cutting, stamping and varnishing to name but a few.  In order to make a brochure stand out from the crowd, bespoke packaging may also be designed, such as slip cases, boxes, bags or even specialist wrapping materials.  Of course the design process is constrained only by the budget of the client.

The design studio at Form Advertising are one such creative agency that take the art of brochure design to its furthest limits.  Creative layouts and typography are combined with in-house photography and clever usage of materials.  Specialists in creating innovative brochure design and layout as well as brand books and Annual Reports, Form Advertising pride themselves on creating the most effective brochure designs for a clients budget.