We create brands that reflect who you are and what you believe in.

We have years of experience in creating successful brands. The goal of the branding process is to build brand equity for your company. Brand equity is an intangible asset that determines how your company is purveyed by others and ultimately influences how and why people use your services. For successful companies, brand equity is the most valuable asset they own and yet it does not live on balance sheets.

A successful branding process is a complex one, but one which we relish and to be honest – are pretty good at!

We adhere to our own set of branding rules, which enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and targeted brand proposal:

01. We strategise from day one

Before starting work on the new branding process we draw up a brand strategy to form a set of values and a proposition upon which both ourselves and you agree. If this doesn’t happen at the start of a project, the client will have no benchmark against which to gauge whether the creative concepts are relevant.

02. We work with a brief

If design concepts are created without thorough briefing on the brand, then both creative and client end up relying too much on an intuitive idea of the solution, and accordingly run the risk of feedback being subjective. A brief that’s drawn up from a clear brand strategy enables both parties to rationalise the design decisions.

03. We do our research

Understanding the personality of the brand – its history, function and the ethos behind it all is imperative. We try to extract every nuance of who the client is and what the company’s about, including the intended target market, how it wishes to be perceived, and formats and outlets for where it wishes to promote itself.

04. We listen to your ideas

We find it a valuable exercise to ask our clients for references for their branding, from which we can determine an initial mood board and general direction: Listening to our clients requirements and not heading off full charge in an alternative direction without a degree of understanding is an essential part of the branding process. No matter how much experience we have, the client knows the product better than we ever will. Rushing in with a set of en vogue visuals might impress, but could be off-kilter with client’s expectations and what’s best for the brand.

05. Check the competition

Looking at the colours, typefaces and visual styles used by rivals, and then creating something truly unique, ensures that you will be positioned away from them all.

06. Don’t just rely on the logo

While a logo is sometimes the linchpin that holds a brand identity together and makes it instantly recognisable, brands aren’t built on logos alone. When creating a brand identity, we don’t focus on the separate elements. We make sure that we always consider the bigger picture and how all the smaller elements interact with one another.

 09. We only deliver what we believe in

We absolutely insist that we have 100% faith in our brand ideas being correct for our clients. If we feel that we cannot justify that belief in any of our concepts, we throw it away and go back to the drawing board. We are always confident in what we present and that is backed up by the results that we ultimately deliver.

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Branding process, branding, design portfolio, Form Advertising, Kent, design agency, creative agency
Branding process, branding, design portfolio, Form Advertising, Kent, design agency, creative agency
Branding process, branding, design portfolio, Form Advertising, Kent, design agency, creative agency

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