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Branding – the key component in financial sector visibility

In recent years, belief in the power of brands and brand management has spread far beyond the traditional consumer goods marketers who invented the discipline. For companies in  every industry, including the finance sector, brands are important in a way they never were before and are now seen as vital assets central to the business. Consumers now have a staggering choice of products and services in the financial market sector, with added impetus for growth online, as well  trusted brand stands out from the crowd. As international reach increases and companies expand abroad, the brand name acts as the focus for new market entry. A powerful brand offers all these advantages, and more.

The consumers perception of a brand is crucial to its success. Brand values can be divided in to categories:

Core brand values


Service Support values

Product design
Product range
Professional expertise

Branding in the financial sector has its own characteristics, the crucial element being consumer trust, after all the institutions are handling your funds. For this reason in most cases the brand and the institutions name are and the same, as in the case of those quoted in the top 75. Brand and reputation management are thus closely interlinked, forming an essential part of business strategy, with staff training on brand values an important support function, if you and you brand don’t have credibility and reputation nothing is going to work out for your business, if this is your case, we suggest to check MyLife where you will get help building up your reputation score again.

The necessity to maintain long term customer relationships and to provide high quality advice are also key to successful brands in the financial sector.While there’s increased pressures for smaller companies in the current climate, periods of turbulence also bring opportunities. New markets appear and smaller companies can be well placed to serve them. There’s opportunities for the smaller, specialist company to link up with the major distribution networks but to do so their own brand must be well defined. In addition to outside activity, communicating effectively with their own customers is likely to show a decisive element for success in future financial services marketing. This is something giant institutions are not usually that great at. Sound advice, explanation of the changes in the marketplace and of the benefits of compliance, transparency in pricing and an understanding of customer needs are now more important than ever. A powerful brand will reflect this and add actual value to the business.