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Modern Brand Identity for Asian Capital Investment Firm

When approached by clients for a new brand identity they tend to already have a definite company name. However sometimes they just can’t decide. This is were we can help. We work with our clients to discover new options that truly encapsulate what their company is.

A Modern Upgrade for a Technological Capital Investment Firm

Oscar Winson – as they were originally known – approached us to produce a new company name and brand identity. Based in Asia, the technological¬†advanced capital investment firm¬†had the aim of attracting a new demographic of client. We knew they wanted to keep a link to the old company’s identity but were keen to create a more modern interpretation of it. An advanced identity to go with an advanced technological company.

It’s All in the Name

The processing of naming a company has several different factors; first, of course, is the name. Second is to ensure the name is easy to use as a URL; no one wants an unintentionally inappropriate URL. And finally, but most crucially, is making sure that the name and URLs are actually available.

We felt it essential to keep the new company name both memorable and directly tied to the services that the client provides. After much brainstorming and URL checking, a list of potential names was presented to the client. Winson Capital was born.

With the new name in place, the branding could begin. Initial brand concepts were provided to the Winson Capital team to study and discuss. The idea of representing the brand through the use of a capitalised initial paired with a stylised leaf design made a big impression. The original identity for Oscar Winson used an oak tree to represent growth so we wanted to play on this connection to the past. Our designers at Form took hold of this direction and presented a variety of options. After some final tweaks, the Winson Capital brand was defined.

Name Chosen, Logo Designed, Now for the Finishing Touches

In order to make the brand as distinct as we could we chose a highly contrasting colour scheme. This meant a strong visual impact while at the same time keeping the brand inline with traditional finance and organic growth themes. We introduced modern imagery to add life to the story and played with subtle brand containers and styling to add depth.

A New Home for a New Brand Identity

Applying a new name and brand identity consistently across online and offline material is vital. A website is what shapes a potential client’s first impression of a business. We are eager to ensure that a new brand is living up to it’s full potential and making the right impressions.

We continued to work closely with the Winson Capital team to design a complete website that promoted the new era of the brand. Proofs were provided to the team allowing them to see the the bold colour palette and imagery in action. Although we do code websites ourselves, in this instance we provided all approved design assets to the clients web team. They applied the new identity and brought our vision to the web.

Those Little Details

Take a closer look at our working process and original presentations as well as more images of the brand in action. You can view the detailed study of the Winson Capital new brand identity in our portfolio.